The Natural Stuff

The Natural Stuff - My Taxidermy

As a naturalist with a lifetime experience of watching animals I tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to my mounting of wildlife. They have to look realistic, and in a correct posture as if frozen in time, like a photograph of the animal taken in the field.

Click here to see examples of my work. Additionally there is a permanent display at the Bournemouth Natural Science Society of stuffed animals and my work can be seen here.

As a conservationist I do not promote the willful slaughter of animals purely for taxidermy purposes. However I accept the mounting of hunting trophies as they are record of the past. Many forms of hunting are vital for the health of the animals concerned such as deer management most wild animals are collected as road traffic accidents. It is a great shame that hundreds of thousands of all kinds of animals are slaughtered on our roads every year. I put some of them to good use. Records are taken and information given to the relevant conservation bodies. Animals that are protected by law need licenses before I can sell or display them.

I use my own tried and trusted methods, using only natural or mineral compounds in all the processes. The mounts are made using local Dorset wood and dried plants. Latex forms are not used but traditional methods of galvanised wire and stuffing. This gives each animal a unique shape and posture indicative of the animal in its natural setting. This method allows the posture to be changed for any reason after the animal has been mounted. This method does take time but this is reflected in the finished product. For me every mount is a labour of love and commitment and represents excellent value. You can contact me by clicking here for further details and prices.