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01498 viewsThis is a micro moth that I cannot identify. Could anybody help me with this one? I found it in Bournemouth. There are so many of these tiny species and some may many go unrecorded. To date, I have four unidentified species of insects found in Dorset. They may be continental in origin.
02244 viewsTalking about micro moths, Clothes moths live naturally in bird’s nests or bird colonies were they eat feathers and dead bodies. When they enter an unnatural situation such as a taxidermist’s store, they can wreck havoc. The devastation caused by clothes moths can be awesome. Here were three stuffed rats I had stashed away in a cupboard. I forgot about them and when that happens, the moths play, breed, eat, and wreck havoc.
02a224 viewsA clothes moth and hide beetles, two of the most destructed enemies of taxidermy are displayed on paper.
03225 viewsThis is the intricate outside of a wasp nest. The workers chew up dead wood from fence posts or dead umbellifer stalks, mix it with their saliva to form a past and then deposit it rows to form the protected outer layer of the nest ball. The different zones are where a different layer of pulp has been added.
03a235 viewsThis wasp was found on some local heathland I could not identify it. Its abdominal markings were unusual for any of the smaller social wasps. Wasps are important within the eco system, everything is otherwise they would not exist. Wasps pollinate flowers and eat many garden pests. People should learn to like and respect them, and not have pest controllers destroy them with lethal poisons.
04226 viewsOne night whilst I was in bed, I felt something hard on the sheet and it annoyed me for hours. I eventually picked it out and looking at it realized that it was a small weevil.
05223 viewsThis is as a squashed fly in a book I was given by Ruby Lang whilst in the Sumatran jungle. When I got home and re read it I noticed that several small flies were squashed in its pages.
08229 viewsThe Bournemouth Natural Science Society has a lecture hall and we had old strip lights that were to be changed to better modern examples. On taking those down many flying insects were found within the lights, some of which were saved and identified. Here is a box full.
08a228 viewsHere are some of the flies.
09234 viewsDung beetles are often found en mass especially when dung is around and here a carnivore scat has attracted many smooth Dor beetles. When whisky bottles are thrown away with a small amount of residue left in the bottom, the whole bottle fills up with Dor beetles.
09a230 viewsA whisky bottle full up with several hundred Dor beetles in a New Forest woodland.
09b225 viewsI found a southern wood ant attached to a ground beetle, it was being dragged about all over the place. The beetle had part of its inners protruding and the ant had grabbed it and could not let go, even when I picked them up.
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