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Oddities in Nature


A variety of unusual or interesting natural history

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Inside Nature


Most people do not get the chance to see body parts of animals; the organs and inner muscle structure or the gut and its contents. Modern society has disconnected itself from the so called dirt and gore and left it to those people who work within certain trades such as butchery, fishing, taxidermy, vet nary and medical practices.

I think that we lose something if we are not in tough with nature in this way, people grow up with a warped fascination with blood and gore and seem to dwell on the only other source of material that is available; horror films with violence, and the like. People need to see the insides of animals, humans have done so for many thousands of years, it was part of us and our world, although not always with the due respect that was needed, and commonplace often led to disrespect.

The bodies of living organism are amazing; the way they work, and the beauty of the inner organs and their functions. The machine in nature is one thing but natural history has much more to other than just vivisection. One can learn about the diet of animals by looking inside them or the regurgitated pellets from birds or waste from mammals. It is all educational and ads a different yet vitally important aspect to natural history.

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