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The Natural Stuff - Introduction to Big Cats

I am an active member of the Big Cats In Britain Research Group which is an international group dedicated to the research of this phenomenon, and also The Centre for Fortean Zoology.

I have contributed widely in the form of lectures, slide shows, TV documentary, radio, magazines and books on this subject.

This document: Cowal and Trossachs Forest District Draft Policy on Big Cats is an example of narrow minded irresponsibility. It may prove to some extent as to what lengths the authorities will go to either hide the truth or out of ignorance to eradicate harmless animals.

I would not advise anybody to shoot one of these animals even if it caught in the act of killing livestock. The reason being is that if the particular animal had dependant offspring then a more serious situation could erupt. Moreover nobody is licensed to shoot cats of any description and the animals we are dealing with could be protected by law.

Quote:- Recently there has been an increase in the number of alleged sightings of large cats in Central Scotland. None have been confirmed in terms of photographs or carcasses but it is considered prudent to issue guidance "just in case". Read

  • If you want to know what killed your sheep, then I'm your man.
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There are currently some excellent publications providing information on Big Cats in Britain. Click here for some examples.

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My Big Cat News gives information on sightings, appeals for information and evidence.


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